Startups working on slowing down the impacts of climate change.

Budapest, connoiseur´s garage

With cars virtually flying above our heads, I ask myself every day, why is it that technological progress hasn’t yet stopped the climate change danger. But science is unpredictable and we can only hope that scientists will continue to come up with innovative ideas for turning to more sustainable inhabitation of the planet.

However, sometimes, you don’t necessarily have to have a degree from a prestigious technological university. The power of visualization and creativity will do nicely in order to start realizing your ideas into long-term projects.

The best way to fight environmental grief is to TAKE ACTION, doesn’t matter…

By Victor Hugo

Lewis W. Hine, photo of a little girl in the Mollohan Mill, in South Caroline, US, 1908

After Victor Hugo (1802–1885) incidentally loses his daughter Léopoldine, he tries to chase away the sorrow by writing poems. Because he is an eminent critic of the French government with Napoleon in lead, the aversion to social priorities is often apparent, mainly while portraiting the Industrial Revolution in the light, everyone turns away from…
(English translation below)

Melancholia, 1856

Où vont tous ces enfants dont pas un seul ne rit ?
Ces doux êtres pensifs que la fièvre maigrit ?
Ces filles de huit ans qu’on voit cheminer seules ?
Ils s’en vont travailler quinze heures sous des meules ;
Ils vont, de l’aube…

How and why did the Polish government approve the restrictive abortion law? And what is the reaction of Europe?

Amnesty International, protests in Warsaw, eng. “The hell of women continues”

In the shadow of a year-long global crisis, the Polish highest representatives have suspiciously put out an even stricter ban on abortion concerning Polish women. The radical step couldn´t be left without a response from the crowd. And so ever since October 2020, the whole Baltic state is astir.

The background

The parliament's majority in Poland is covered by Law and Justice, a national conservative and right orientated party, which is in the country´s lead since 2015. Their chairman, Jarosław Kaczyński, is known…

What´s in our minds when we´re alone for a day and we´re not used to it?

If someone asked me a year and a half ago, I would most definitely laugh at the question of whether I´m able to survive a day alone. Things and people change, but personally, having human contact is one of the most powerful motivations I can encounter.

We, as individuals and people around us are two totally different teachers for our mental development and neither of these two teachers should be neglected.

I have tried avoiding people for a day already a couple of times…

Lockdown turned me into an introvert and I enjoy it more than ever.

Wienna´s flea market, August 2020
Wienna´s flea market, August 2020
Vienna´s flea market, August 2020, 35 mm

It has been said countless times since the beginning of the pandemic last year that lockdown provides an ideal environment for introvert´s mind. Extroverts, on the contrary, are supposed to be deeply tested during limited socialization.

I was always rather extroverted, which doesn´t necessarily mean that I could never be alone. However, I preferred to go out rather than staying home, even though I sometimes had some duties to fulfill that particular evening. I valued my friends, but I always wanted to meet more and more new…

As a student, being financially independent is a tough goal.

Let´s break out a couple of work possibilities that we could use while still being based at home.

From my experience, I can say, that finding the motivation to do something beyond the call of school duty is challenging. Having a part-time job during the studies is, however, a sign of general determination and willingness not to financially depend so much on our parents. I´ve been earning more or less money since I was 15, yet all the jobs that I´ve done required being somewhere in person. Since the outburst of pandemic last year, lots of typical student workplaces such…

And how can you contribute to share awareness.

Mesocco, Graubünden

Amazon rainforest wildfires have been in the latest pre-pandemic times one of the most discussed topics all over the world media. Lungs of the Earth are being hurt, burning everything living inside. But it´s not lost, not yet. With huge determination and willingness to change, there is a chance to save this irreplaceable ecosystem.

These fires are expected every year to come and it´s completely natural. Drier climate during the higher temperatures, lower precipitations. Some fires are unavoidable. But those flames are not cost by coincidence. Local agriculturists want to use more…

The first speculations concerning the change of climate caused by the emissions of greenhouse gases appeared already back in the 19th century. Since then, scientists are still on searching for more precise natural indicators to measure the extent of human impact on our climate. The problem is, however, that climate change is not generally recognized, and at some places or societies even denied.

Even though the percentage of people who believe in climate change is significantly higher than that of those who don´t, it´s challenging to pull together in this direction. According to Pex Research Center´s survey led back in…

If you´re reading this, you´re probably lacking neither home nor food daily. Very often, I have to remind myself not to feel the grief when I have everything I need to lead an ordinary fulfilled life. However, not only the last year was challenging. Most of us are lucky enough not to be majorly affected by the coronavirus directly, but it´s rather its impacts on the daily lives…and how it shows the flaws in the company settings.

illustration by ici. jozi

I usually have a mind of an optimist and I´m realizing how grateful for that I should be. Seeing good things rather than…


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