Panic about Amazon fell silent, is it ok?

Mesocco, Graubünden

How can I help as an individual?


  • Created by a resident of Rio Branco, a town in the center of Amazon, this petition is aiming to arouse the government to renew the environmental policies.
  • Greenpeace- Tell Bolsonaro’s government to save the Amazon Rainforest and protect the lands of Indigenous and traditional communities.
  • Amazon Watch- Send your message of solidarity to Brazil’s resistance movement and pledge to stand with them against Bolsonaro’s catastrophic agenda.
  • Amazon Watch- Supporting Amazon Watch is a critical way to protect the rainforest, defend indigenous rights, and address climate change.
  • Protect an Acre- Rainforest Action Network came with the similar purpose of helping by supporting the rights of local inhabitants and their property.
  • Earth Alliance- Founded by Hollywood star Dicaprio, Earth Alliance is financially supporting the affected communities to repair the damages caused by fire.
  • Ethical consumer- You can also try to join a community that enables the recognition of ethically cultured products and unites the ethical consumers.




hi! Student | Eco-activist

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hi! Student | Eco-activist

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