Panic about Amazon fell silent, is it ok?

4 min readFeb 3, 2021

And how can you contribute to share awareness.

Mesocco, Graubünden

Amazon rainforest wildfires have been in the latest pre-pandemic times one of the most discussed topics all over the world media. Lungs of the Earth are being hurt, burning everything living inside. But it´s not lost, not yet. With huge determination and willingness to change, there is a chance to save this irreplaceable ecosystem.

These fires are expected every year to come and it´s completely natural. Drier climate during the higher temperatures, lower precipitations. Some fires are unavoidable. But those flames are not cost by coincidence. Local agriculturists want to use more and more of these prosperous surfaces to spread fields and ranges for cattle. Indigenous colonies are therefore forced to leave their homelands, because of the constant expansion of logging.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro, who is in the country’s lead since January 2019, is worldwide known for his favoring of economic interests above the ecological ones. Though he´s heavily criticized by both the majority of world leaders and environmental activists, he won´t admit that the Brazilian economy is facing an inconceivable problem. The necessary natural supplies are rapidly cutting down, metropolises are endangered (Sao Paulo blackout), so are people´s lives.

The statistics from the year 2019 tell that the number of fires increased by 84% compared to the same period in 2018. The estimations are more than 7000 single fires. With the fact that the forest needs at least 30 years to regenerate itself, the time is ticking. Amazon rainforest is producing around 15% of global oxygen, but mainly reducing the world´s carbon dioxide level. This not only threatens the continent´s future but also speed up the climate change

Of course, the government and large corporations have the biggest opportunities to control this situation but written down, I´ve tried to sum up some ideas on how to feel better by helping mother Earth.

How can I help as an individual?


  • Created by a resident of Rio Branco, a town in the center of Amazon, this petition is aiming to arouse the government to renew the environmental policies.
  • Greenpeace- Tell Bolsonaro’s government to save the Amazon Rainforest and protect the lands of Indigenous and traditional communities.
  • Amazon Watch- Send your message of solidarity to Brazil’s resistance movement and pledge to stand with them against Bolsonaro’s catastrophic agenda.


You can send financial help to pretty much every organization that is either trying to eliminate the fires using costly techniques or helping the indigenous people to defend their homes and rights.

  • Amazon Watch- Supporting Amazon Watch is a critical way to protect the rainforest, defend indigenous rights, and address climate change.
  • Protect an Acre- Rainforest Action Network came with the similar purpose of helping by supporting the rights of local inhabitants and their property.
  • Earth Alliance- Founded by Hollywood star Dicaprio, Earth Alliance is financially supporting the affected communities to repair the damages caused by fire.

Eat local products- no more Amazon beef

The reason the rainforest is being cut down is often to make a way for cattle ranching. With that said, because farmers need something to feed the spreading cattle, soybean fields have covered a noticeable surface of destroyed land.

If you don´t really feel to avoid meat completely, try to focus on local products, or find out what a flexitarian diet is. The lower demand, the bigger chance to fight against the nowadays exaggerated comfort and restore the natural beauty.

  • Ethical consumer- You can also try to join a community that enables the recognition of ethically cultured products and unites the ethical consumers.

Stop paper waste

I know it´s confusing, the paper was told to be the thrifty substitute for plastic, but do we have to consume so much wood? I mean it´s not a sin to use the paper from both sides, nor bring your own textile bag to grocery stores. Reduction of the amount of paper will help to reduce the commercial pressures on the world forests.

Attend a protest

Show the others that you care. Join a protest to achieve more political activity to fight against the devastation of our planet.

The climate strikes have met success during the last year, mainly thanks to the efforts of young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. The students had caught the attention of world ecologists and politicians, who marked those actions as extremely beneficial for general awareness. The more voices, the louder call for action.

Chose who is going to represent your acts

Don´t get passive in voting. Though most of us can´t vote in Brasil, we can vote for the representative that has enough ambition to protect the planet, rather than to care about their job profit.

Get even more political. Write e-mails to your representatives, share your concerns, try to tell them to put more pressure on your government to finally take action.


Share your knowledge with everyone. Try to warn them, because that is what we should be now concerned about.

Write the links on social media, write articles, organize meetings. Talk to your family and friends, convince them to start doing something useful and gentle for the planet.

Little things, small steps. Collectively, we can still make a huge difference, call for a change, challenge the corporations. However please keep in mind that only recycling won´t save us. And also, corona doesn´t mean that other problems disappeared, in fact, it´s the contrary. There is a lot to do and we have to act fast.